Fraud strikes people of all ages. But we've got the muscle to keep your accounts safe. Redding Bank of Commerce is helping you fight fraud with FICO® Falcon® Fraud Manager.
54% of data breaches are related to identity theft, and it takes an average of 170 days to detect a cyber-attack! That's why Redding Bank of Commerce is fighting fraud one transaction at a time. Each time you use your debit card, we're monitoring the transaction with Falcon, keeping you and your money secure.
Redding Bank of Commerce cardholders will receive - and can respond to - an automated text message or automated phone call whenever Falcon flags a suspicious transaction. This enhancement will provide a faster, more convenient resolution of fraud cases.
With each swipe of your card, a neural network, also known as artificial intelligence, is building a case for you. Neural networks create a memory of information based on cardholder habits such as where and when you shop, how much you typically spend, types of purchases, fraud rates in the area and more. Each purchase strengthens the memory and in turn, makes decisions on which transactions are likely to be fraudulent.
If a suspicious transaction is detected on your debit card, you will receive a text of call within seconds.
You will receive a text from 72718 or a call from 855.219.5399 asking you to verify the transaction in question. You will receive a text first if we have a mobile number on file. If you respond through text, the SHAZAM fraud specialist will continue the conversation through text. If they do not receive a response through text, they will call the number on file. They won't ask for any personal information.
If you confirm the transaction is fraudulent, Falcon's real-time response capabilities allow us to quickly respond to suspicious transactions and avoid additional losses.
No need to sign up for this service. Simply provide your current contact information and notify us if it changes. It is best to provide the bank with your mobile number so you can receive the notification immediately.
Falcon is just one fraud-fighting mechanism Redding Bank of Commerce has in place. Ask us how you can join the fight against fraud.