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If you are looking for a rewarding career in Banking, Bank of Commerce is the right career choice.

Bank of Commerce is always looking for energetic, positive and enthusiastic individuals, who have a strong work ethic, are dedicated, loyal and sales minded. We are a group of individuals working together to provide an environment built on trust. Bank of Commerce employees provide exceptional service to our customers and our community. Our employees are our greatest asset. 

We recognize, develop and reward all of our employees who contribute towards the success of our company. 

We provide competitive salaries and offer a complete benefits package, including group insurance coverage and 401K Retirement Plan.

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Bank of Commerce's ethical principles includes the following:

  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Fairness
  • Quality
  • People
  • Responsibility

All personnel shall act in accordance with these principles and shall encourage others within the Company to adhere to them. Our greatest asset is our staff. We will be straightforward, timely and truthful in all our dealings without compromise. Our reputation is earned by our high business ethics based on our history of fair play no matter what the circumstances. We maintain the highest standards in our dealings with employees, customers, suppliers, and shareholders and within our community.

We will foster long-term relationships with our customers by being consistent and fair. 

A responsible person produces high quality products and services thereby creating trust and confidence in your fellow employees and customers. 

Company Code of Conduct

Bank of Commerce and its employees must, at all times, comply with all applicable laws and regulations. The Company will not condone the activities of employees who achieve results through violation of the law or unethical business dealings. This includes any payments for illegal acts, indirect contributions, rebates and bribery. The Company does not permit any activity that fails to stand the closest possible public scrutiny. 

All business conduct should be well above the minimum standards required by law. Accordingly, employees must ensure that their actions cannot be interpreted as being, in any way, in contravention of the laws and regulations governing the Company's operations. Employees uncertain about the application or interpretation of any legal requirements should refer the matter to their supervisor.