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Download SHAZAM BOLT$ and have more control
over your debit card today!

  • Receive fraud alerts from Shazam, 24/7
  • Temporarily block and unblock your misplaced debit card
  • Locate Shazam ATMs, nationwide
  • Set up alerts for purchases over defined thresholds and much more


Personal Lending, at its best!

We Offer:

  • Home Equity Line of Credit
  • Home Construction Loans
  • Vehicle Loans
  • RV, Motorcycle, Boat and other Vehicle Loans
  • Secured and Unsecured Loans
  • Overdraft Line of Credit
  • Quick Cash Line of Credit
  • Credit Cards


Deposit your check from anywhere, anytime!

With our Mobile Deposit option, just take a picture of your check through our mobile app and submit.

Get started today by downloading our mobile app*

iPhone App

Android App

Must be enrolled in online banking

Data and text messaging fees from your mobile carrier may apply.

  • Changes to ACH 

    and what that means to you.

    Click learn more to find out how this will impact you.

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  • Don't get left out in the cold

    Update your browser and stay secure.

    The best way to have a secure online experience is to update

    your browser. Use the most up-to-date browser to keep your

    financial information safe!

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  • Great is about to get better!

    Our new online banking is here!
    This new look and feel creates a unified user experience
    across all devices (desktop, mobile, and tablet)!

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